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Elkstone - planting poppies
13th May 2018
12:00- 2:00
Planting Poppies on The Pound

Anne Davies writes: Elkstone lost six villagers during WW1 & they are commemorated in the church. I have been unable to obtain population figures for 1914 but between 1871 & 1891 the population fell from 302 to 199, there was a slight recovery before 1901, when another decline set in, bringing the population down to 140 by 1971. Given these figures the number of those who died must have been a very significant loss to the village.

I have managed to buy some Flanders poppies which were on sale to commemorate 100 years since the end of WW1 & the Parish Council have kindly agreed that they may be planted around the willow tree on The Pound. This is near to the seat that was donated by villagers to commemorate 50 years since VE & VJ Day. I hope that villagers, & especially young villagers, might join me to plant the poppies on Sunday May 13 at 12.00am & then afterwards come to Manor Farm Cottage for a Bring & Share light lunch. For more details phone Anne on 870516.


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